I’ve joined DSP17 almost a month ago.

To do that, it cost me a bit of setup, which I’ve finished with dual booting my machine (not the safest process for Samsung 9 series), learned that doing backup on live cd is safer from terminal than from UI (almost loosing .ssh can freak you out, love backups!) and almost got both OS ready to work.

But you still don’t know what I do, other than app is called Friendly Plans.

Let’s rewind ~2 years back. I’ve started ground renovation of my apartment, that type where you move where doors are. For ~3 months I’ve stayed with friends, both experienced working with Asperger children, which is closely related to Autism.

Asperger & Autism

It’s one of Autism forms. As I’ve learned during my stay with them, it’s going to spread widely in XXI century as it’s genetically carried. It’s not lethal but can make one life much harder. Mild forms of Asperger can cause issues in communication and other social interactions, like not understanding non verbal communication or other clues people give to one another. Asperger’s can be highly obsessive about some things and dive deep into topic with no recognition that they bored everyone in the room to death.

Why it can be spreading more easily? The thesis was that in the past people with Asperger would have much less of a chance to reproduce. Currently we value totally different skills and personality traits in our mates, so those differences may be annoying, however not discriminating, especially that nowadays society allows people that are different to fare better.

So if their assumption, not based in science nor statistics, is correct, then it would be good to allow people with such problems help somehow. That is one of the reasons why I’ve decided to jump on Friendly Plans project wagon and to motivate myself with DSP to write and code. That’s also why I’ve risked bricking my laptop to get from 6:40 min of a build time.

If you want to help, know Android and could speed up development of app that sb is using now, then we accept PR. It’s a simple CRUD so no excuse that it’s too hard (except it is, for me, but my rusty skills are going to wait for different blog post)