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  • Event sourcing on Android

    Today let’s talk about storing data and event sourcing. When we were starting work on Friendly Plans, during first meeting, we had a long discussion about how to handle storage.

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  • What I do for DSP17

    I’ve joined DSP17 almost a month ago.

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  • HTTPS for GitHub pages

    So I’m still getting used to DSP. First push has been made, I’ve discovered my dev muscles rusted. Well, that’s why I’m doing that in a first place, but in between I’m finishing setup of the blog :) Thanks to Michał (yet again :) Thank you!), this blog setup is being polished. This time let’s look at HTTPS.

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  • Hello DSP

    Hello Daj się poznać! (DSP) So I’m joining the Daj się poznać initiative. What it is, you may ask, especially if you don’t have the super power of speaking Polish What is yours

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  • It's alive

    Hi from the other side :) Some of you were here two years ago, when I was writing, some of you are new to this blog. Well, if you’re new, it does not matter, everything changed, Panta Rhei.

    Important thing for me, I’m going to write, again.

    You may wonder about several things, I’ll try to answer about two:

    1. What (I’m going to write about)
    2. Why (I’m writing again)

    So let me start with why question as it’s easier :) Well, knowledge sharing is cool! I talked about it for the whole year at various places (JDD, Devoxx, Boiling Frogs…). I want to share, and mentioned that each talk for 2 years. What I needed thou was someone/something to push me, and I had two of those. First was Ted Neward second one Bartosz Mazurek.

    During Devoxx Ted had discussion about his session (more about it in next post) which moved me enough to commit (yeah, I’m corp all over :/) to blogging again

    With Bartosz it is less obvious about motivator. He’s writing a lot and I’m reviewing some of the drafts, which is making me feel guilty of not writing on my own :)

    Now about What part?

    In last two years my focused changed a lot. I’m still going to dev conferences, I still do JUG, but on daily basis I work with people, not with code.

    Expect more of following topics:

    • Leadership
    • Team building
    • Soft skills
    • Agile ( :O )

    but there will be something about code as well, mostly craftsmanship topics as my mission is to promote good best practices ;)

    We’re also going to dive into basics also, as it took me ten years to understand OO, SOLID, TDD and others with their principles.

    So see you all soon! :)

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