Hi all,

long time no see. I'm still struggling what I want to blog about, as this year changed a lot. Most likely I'll start from those changes, but I need some time for that :E As for now, let me run a short update about what's happening in Tricity.

First of all, tomorrow we've got 50th TricityJUG meeting :D Hell yeah! So if you want to learn something about GWT from someone who worked with it for about 2 years, then you should definitely be on the meeting tomorrow! Check out news on JUG site.

Second thing you should look forward to is a Global Day of Code Retreat in Tricity. This year finally we'll host it in Gdańsk :D I was waiting for that for years, and it finally happens ! I'm super excited about it. I'll miss the chance to pair up with people, as I'm on organizing side. Still I'm super fired that TJUG is going to enable a big group of devs an opportunity to take a part in that event :) More good news: we still got some tickets left. Event is free. Food, passionate geeks and code deletion are taken for granted. If you're in Tricity this Saturday then join us now.

Finally last, but not least. This Saturday there is career expo: careercon.pl If you're a software professional looking for job opportunities then you should check it out. It's a great chance to catch up with what's happening in Tricity. Also there will be 2 conference tracks full of tech stuff, including my talk about what's new in JDK 8. As time slots are rather short, you can treat that as a prelude to what will  be happening on TJUG starting from Feb till end of the year ;)

And yeah, to give that talk, I'll have to skip on Code Retreat lunch, which is provided by the Set Restaurant :(


Finger crossed for the blog. If all goes well, then this time I'm bringing it up for good (a.k.a. I won't be so lazy this time)