Hello Daj się poznać! (DSP) So I’m joining the Daj się poznać initiative. What it is, you may ask, especially if you don’t have the super power of speaking Polish What is yours

Participant of DSP commits to work on open source project for at least 10 weeks. During that time it’s required to blog twice a week. One of those posts musts be about the project and the other may be about IT in general. You may ask why I do that. I hope it will make me write! :)

As the project I’m choosing https://github.com/mgruca/friendly-plans. It’s a simple app aimed at helping autistic children with they daily grind. It’s simple tool on a mobile device for a therapist working with autistic children. App guides a child through series of basic steps to carry out bigger task. For me it sounds like something that may help many people, and has proved live already! What I’ll be working on is a V2, which is a complete rewrite with some added functionality.

Challenges for me:

  • Dedication to writing on regular basis
  • Dedication to coding on regular basis
  • Learning, finally, android platform

Fingers crossed, and let’s hope that we’re going to improve the world a bit (We’re in together. Without you, I doubt if I can make it)

Last but not least, special shout out to Michał as 3 weeks ago I did not even have idea that DSP exists. Thanks :)